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Drip Canon

Theatre projection for Artus Studio

Tagged cinder, openframeworks, dance, theatre, and computer vision.

I Don't Remember Being Raised Like This

Interactive video projection for The Symptoms performance collective.

Tagged computer vision, dance, theatre, and cinder.

Digital Basketball

A basketball sport installation in collaboration with Entrequadra for the National Week of Science and Technology in Brazil.

Tagged computer vision, installation, and cinder.


A couple of simple audiovisual experiments for the multitouch wall of Kitchen Budapest.

Tagged multitouch, computer vision, and software.

Nothing There

Nothing There is a dance performance utilizing real-time computer technology created in collaboration with The Symptomps dance troupe. It is based on the coexistence of sophisticated interactive technologies and living bodies on stage. The real-time video technology employed by this piece reacts to the position in space of a body in motion transforming the gestures of the six dancers into a mobile abstract painting.

Tagged dance, theatre, and computer vision.

Reverse Shadow Theatre

Reverse Shadow Theatre is an indonesian shadow puppet theatre installation created with the Animata real-time animation editor.

Tagged animata and computer vision.