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Installation scanning visitors and matching up their colour schemes with exhibits for the Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest.

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Rutt-Etra Mirror Extended

Experimental digital remake of the Rutt-Etra synthesizer for the Kinect.

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Research on artificial intelligence, which poses the question of how will the performing arts be affected by AI's exponential development in coming years by building an intelligent software through which a real-time interactive, semi-improvised duet could occur between a dancer and her digital clone.

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Kinect art performance in which graphics as a system of gestures gradually dissolves and melts into the source of the gestures, exceeding its own spatial and temporal limits.

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Kinect Basketball Game

Kinect driven basketball game created using the Cinder creative coding framework. Although the project is not anything special compared to commercial games, we had to address a couple of technical difficulties.

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Just One More Time

Interactive painting about the search for happiness by the repetitive indulgence of past memories. Installation programming for the thesis work of István Csekk.

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Dynadraw 2012 / Light Graffiti

Kitchen Budapest has been commissioned by Magyar Telekom to create a playful installation for their 2012 roadshow. We came up with a simple idea that lets the users draw by waving their hands in the air.

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Koto & Kaori

Koto & Kaori is about a little girl who spends most of her time daydreaming in her garden. It is a physical theatre play involving a peculiar blend of dance and talk. The emphasize the border between reality and the imaginary we were asked to create the visual atmosphere of the piece working together with director/choreographer Csaba Horváth, the performers of Forte Company, András Dés percussionist, and japanese ballet dancers from the Hungarian Dance Academy.

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