Just One More Time

The basis of the work is the everlasting search for happiness, more specifically the possibility of reliving the happy moments from one’s past. The title “Just One More Time” implies the reminiscence, the desire of reliving joyful experiences. In the moments of happiness we feel like our inner and outer borders are blurred. In this state we feel the wholeness and our place in it. The surreal situations, characters displayed in the video installation originate in personal observations, recollections and dreams.

Pursuing happiness presents the questions of permanence and volatility. The medium and technology used in the interactive painting were carefully chosen to reflect on and complete these two notions.

The piece employs a large scale projection and a Kinect motion sensor.


Directed by

István Csekk


{π} Explorer | Gergely Magyar
Ballet dancer | Beatrix Simkó
Daemon | Beatrix Simkó
Meditation | Bence Ilyés
Levitation | Tamás Birinyi
Book reader | Gergely Fogarasi
Star collector | Kálmán Papp
Litte girl with bear | Ilka Seller


Gábor Papp | Gábor Botond Barna

Lead Vfx Artists

István Csekk | Antal Bodóczky

Visual Effect Artists

Dániel Kajcsa | Bence Földesi

Sound effects

Mohammed Nur

Photo unit

Gábor Németh | Tamás Olajos | István Csekk


József Tasnádi

Production manager

Antal Bodóczky

Special Thanks

János Szirtes | József Tasnádi | Antal Bodóczky


Nka | Mome | Creative Technology Lab | Media Design

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