Work in progress

Valencia James, a contemporary dancer with afro-cuban background, and Botond Bognár proposed a research project for the “Research into the unknown” residency programme by Workshop Foundation.

The proposition was, that we would investigate how to build an AI which, after perceiving/learning a dancer’s movements would autonomously be able to reconstruct new sequences of her movements. This ability, should it be able to react to, or better, interact with her, would be used to perform a duet or improvise together with the dancer on stage.

In our research we reflect on mankind’s increasing reliance on artificial intelligence in daily life and posed the question of how will the performing arts be affected by AI’s exponential development in coming years. We set out to not just answer the question theoretically, but physically build an intelligent software through which a real-time interactive, semi-improvised duet could occur between a dancer and her digital clone.


Valencia James, Botond Bognár, Alex Berman, Gáspár Hajdu, Gábor Papp

Supported by Workshop Foundation